Santa Clara University

Bill Carter
Location: Nobili Hall

William S. Carter

Xilinx Fellow Emeritus, Xilinx, Inc.

Bill Carter was born in June of 1949. He received his BSEE and MSEE degrees from Santa Clara University. At Santa Clara, he was selected for membership in three national honor societies: Tau Beta Pi (engineering), Eta Kappa Nu (electrical engineering), and Alpha Sigma Nu (Jesuit). He has been involved in the design of integrated circuits (IC's) since 1974, initially in the area of microprocessors and microprocessor peripherals.

Bill joined Zilog in 1977, where he designed and managed the design of NMOS microprocessors and peripherals. In 1984, he joined Xilinx, where he helped pioneer the development on the first Field Programmable Gate Arrays, a market that Xilinx invented and currently dominates.

Today he is Xilinx Fellow, the highest position a person can earn on a technical level. In his previous role as Chief Technology Officer, Bill led the investigation of advanced technologies applied to Programmable Logic. Bill was a member of the Custom Integrated Circuit Conference Technical Program Committee from 1987 through 1993.

Bill was a recipient of Santa Clara University's 1996 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award. In addition to being a member of SCU's Board of Fellows, Bill also participates on their Engineering Advisory Board, as well as the Center for Science, Technology, and Society Advisory Board. Bill has authored and co-authored several technical papers and holds 10 U.S. patents.