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Santa Clara University

A Message from the President
Message to the SCU Community

February 29, 2012


Dear Members of the Santa Clara University Community,

Santa Clara University values and respects all of its employees. The University demonstrated this by the good-faith collective bargaining in which the University engaged during the month-long negotiation process for a new collective bargaining agreement. Our negotiations with SEIU Local 2007, the Union representing 59 of the University facilities employees, have resulted in tentative agreements on multiple issues.  A few issues remain unresolved.  In an attempt to resolve this matter, on Monday, February 27, the University made a final offer to the Union representatives for a new four-year agreement. 

The Union has not accepted the University’s final proposal, and has commented negatively about that proposal, in particular about the University’s proposal on healthcare.  In response to the Union’s statements regarding the University’s healthcare proposal, and to try to set the record straight, the University is providing the following information.

The healthcare package offered to the Union employees is an equitable one, identical to what we offer all faculty and staff.

•    The University's final offer addresses the medical insurance benefits to be made available to the Union employees during the term of the proposed new agreement.  The offer also includes the portion of the premium payments that the University would pay on behalf of the Union employees.

•    For calendar year 2012, the University's final offer does not change the Union employees’ current medical benefits.  The University offer does not change the premium payments the University is presently making on behalf of the Union employees for their 2012 medical insurance plans.  

•    Beginning in January 2013, and for the following three years, the University has offered the Union employees the same medical benefits as will be offered to all other University faculty and staff.  As part of its offer, the University has proposed to pay the same contribution premium rate for Union employees and for any of their eligible dependents as the University will pay for all other University faculty and staff.

•    To assist these employees in transitioning to the same premium co-pays as are made by University faculty and staff, during the last three years of the proposed new agreement the University has offered additional assistance in the form of annual lump sum payments.  This transitional assistance will be available to all Union employees who elect a University-sponsored Kaiser plan.

Our offer is consistent with the University’s commitment to offer comprehensive healthcare benefits designed to promote and sustain good health for all of its employees and their families. This offer reaffirms the University’s consistent ethic of care for all employees as befits its historic dedication to social justice.


Michael E. Engh, S.J.