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  •  Thursday, Jun. 20, 2013

    Trustees Held Spring Meeting on June 7

    At the annual spring meeting of the Board of Trustees held on June 7, the Board voted in three new trustees. Steve Sordello ’92, Rich Haughey ’72 and Rachel Manfre ’09 will join the Board, while current members Regis McKenna, Mike Splinter, and Austin Woody step down from the Board as their terms expire. Kirk Syme ’80 also joins the Board, ex officio, as Chair of the Board of Regents, replacing outgoing Regents’ Chair Patti Boitano ‘71.

    The Board reelected corporate officers Peggy Bradshaw (Vice Chair), Larry Sonsini (Secretary), John Ottoboni (Assistant Secretary), Molly McDonald (Assistant Secretary), Jack Lewis (Treasurer), Bob Warren (Assistant Treasurer) and Harry Fong (Assistant Treasurer). They will join corporate officer Bob Finocchio, who continues his term as Chair of the Trustees.

    The Board also approved a series of action items. In addition to the approval of the conferral of degrees for the undergraduate and graduate Class of 2013, the Board approved two revisions to the Faculty Handbook that were put forward by the Trustee Academic Affairs Committee. One change clarifies a set of procedures related to modified duties during a leave. The second revision clarifies the definitions of tenure track and non-tenure track faculty. The Trustee Governance and Nominating Committee recommended to the Board proposed amendments to the Bylaws of the University relating to changes in the election process for membership on the Trustee Executive Committee. The Board approved the recommended amendments, effective immediately.

    Provost Dennis Jacobs led a discussion of the draft Educational Vision document.  Peggy Bradshaw, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees, updated the Board on the Facilities Master Plan and summarized the major building and construction efforts underway.  Mike Wallace reported on the status of donor giving and highlighted the progress towards meeting the Leavey Challenge. To close the Discussion part of the meeting, Art Liebscher, S.J. offered his reflections on the newly elected Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis.

    Patti Boitano delivered a report on behalf of the Board of Regents and summarized the recent Regents meeting. Outgoing president of the Faculty Senate Barbara Molony reported on the council’s activities of the past academic year and introduced Juliana Chang as the incoming president of the Faculty Senate.  Jenna Saso, outgoing president of Associated Student Government (ASG), reported on key areas that student leaders emphasized throughout the past year and introduced the new ASG president, Judith Martinez.  Following the business meeting, Jenna, Judith and other student leaders joined the Board for lunch.

  •  Thursday, Jun. 20, 2013

    President’s Office Staff Move to Temporary Location

    Summer has just about begun and with it come many facilities projects around campus. Due to renovations, the President’s Office staff has temporarily moved from our current offices in Walsh Administration Building to the craftsman house at 1072 Alviso Street. We shall be located at our temporary offices through August 27 and can be reached at our regular phone numbers. Should you have any questions about contacting the staff at our temporary location, please call the office at (408) 554-4100. 

  •  Thursday, Jun. 20, 2013

    Thank you for a Successful Commencement Weekend

    Thank you to all who played a part in the great success of Commencement weekend. Each event took massive effort and would not have been successful without your great collaboration and teamwork.  I thank all of you who worked so hard, giving well over 100%, to make Commencement a memorable milestone for our graduates and their families. The dedication of our community in working together for our students is what makes Santa Clara University a special place. I am grateful to all of you who contributed to the very successful culminating events of the academic year. 


  •  Monday, Jun. 3, 2013

    President's Athletic Commission Appointed

    As part of the University’s strategic planning process, I recently appointed a 12-member task force to review the role of Santa Clara’s intercollegiate athletic program in advancing the mission and vision of the University. The President’s Athletic Commission will consider a series of questions such as: To what extent can an enhanced and improved intercollegiate athletic program significantly increase SCU’s national (and local) reputation as a leading Jesuit, Catholic University? And what resources would be necessary to do so?  In their deliberations around these and other questions, the commission will also consult with other advisory groups and University departments, and work with an outside consultant, Todd Turner.  The Department of Athletics and Recreation and other units will provide the commission with relevant data, targeted input, and other pertinent information. John Ottoboni ‘69 (University Legal Counsel) will staff the commission.

    University trustee John M. Sobrato ‘83, is chairing the commission, which includes members Penny Alexander ‘82 (Regent), Michael Crowley (President, Oakland A’s), Patti Ernstrom (San Jose Sports Authority), Caren Horstmeyer ‘84 , Brent Jones ’85, Mary Mathews-Stevens ‘84 (Trustee), Gary Neustadter, (Faculty member and chair of the SCU Athletic Advisory Board), Marc Rebboah ‘81 , (Regent), Kristi Saso (SCU parent), Andy Schatzman, ‘83  (president, Bronco Bench Foundation), and Maria Nash Vaughn ‘86 (Regent). They will hold their first meeting on June 17 and will submit a final report with recommendations to me by December 15, 2013. I thank the members of the commission for agreeing to serve the University in this capacity, and I look forward to their report and recommended next steps.

  •  Monday, Jun. 3, 2013

    Congratulations to the members of the Class of 2013 selected to receive University awards. It is my pleasure to acknowledge the following students for their contributions to the University community and beyond.

    The valedictorian is conferred annually on a graduating senior selected for outstanding academic achievement and University service.  This year’s valedictorian is Ashley Armstrong, who will address her classmates at the Undergraduate Commencement.

    The St. Clare and Nobili medals are presented to the female and male graduates judged outstanding in academic performance, personal character, school activities, and constructive contribution to the University. At the commencement exercises next week, the St. Clare Medal will be awarded to Katherine Bercovitz and the Nobili Medal to Aven Satre-Meloy.

    The Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J. Award is awarded to graduating seniors who exemplify the ideals of Jesuit education especially being a "whole person of solidarity in the real world" and having the courage and faith to build a more just and humane world. For 2013, the Kolvenbach Award will be presented to Laura Snowden at commencement.

    At the Toast to the Class of 2013 held on May 31, Xochitl Davila, Nathan Funkhouser, Alexandria Leenatali, Michelle Maddex, and Michelle Tang each received the Richard J. Riordan Award in recognition of their outstanding contributions to service through their work with the marginalized and under-served populations outside of the University community.

    Brenda Alba, Ryan Clark, Carlos Gomez, Kevin Oliver, Jenna Saso, and John Schneeman received Student Life Awards to recognize their contributions to improving the overall quality of life in the University community.
    Michelle Tang received the Student Inclusive Excellence Award for her commitment to enhancing an inclusive environment on campus.

    Michelle Tang received the Student Inclusive Excellence Award for her commitment to enhancing an inclusive environment on campus.

    Stephen Layton and Alec Molloy were awarded the Handlery Prize for contributions to the success of a student publication during their time at the University.

    This year’s recipient of the 2013 Alumni Association Board of Director’s Service Award is Sonia Suri.

    Please join me in congratulating and thanking these outstanding members of the Class of 2013.

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