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  •  Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011

    From Campus Ministry:

    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    During the month of November, we join Christian churches throughout the world to pray for all who have passed through death into the eternal embrace of God.  On Tuesday, November 1st, the Feast of All Saints, we will celebrate a special Mass of Remembrance at 12:05 PM in the Mission Church. At this liturgy, we will pray for and celebrate the lives of loved ones, especially those who have died during the past year. We will also have a Mass at 5:00 PM and a Misa en Español at 8:00 PM in the Mission Church.

    Throughout the month of November, all are invited to inscribe the names of deceased loved ones into the Book of Names, which will be located in the Mission Church.

    In addition, we will again prepare an "Altar of Remembrance" under the direction of Sr. Ana Maria Pineda, R.S.M., of the Religious Studies Department. The preparation of such altars is a custom in many Latin American countries as a way to reverence the memories of loved ones who have passed away.  You are welcome to share in this celebration by bringing photos or other reminders of your loved ones who are deceased and placing them at this altar during November.  It will be located at the side Chapel of the Holy Family. Photos or objects placed at the altar should be labeled with your name. We ask that you retrieve them at the end of the month. Please do not leave items of value.  

    For more information or questions, please call the Campus Ministry Office at x4372.

    With warm wishes,

    Jack Treacy,S.J.

    Director of Campus Ministry



  •  Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011

    Dear Staff and Faculty,
    In gratitude for your dedication and hard work, I am pleased to announce that, in addition to our regularly scheduled Christmas holidays, the University will close on December 27, 28 and 29. These additional days will be administrative closure days. The Christmas Eve holiday will be observed on December 23, the Christmas Day holiday on December 26, the New Year's Eve holiday on December 30, and the News Years Day holiday on January 2. Except for essential services, the University will close at the end of business on Thursday, December 22, and re-open on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.  Let me take this opportunity to thank especially all those who provide essential services on campus over the holidays. I am grateful for their dedication in ensuring that necessary operations continue during the closure.
    In keeping with our holiday tradition, we will hold our annual ecumenical prayer service in the Mission Church on December 14 at 4:30 p.m. Following the service, we will hold our Christmas and Holidays Party for faculty and staff. As a community of faith, it is fitting that we begin the evening with a liturgy that recalls the coming of Emmanuel and continue celebrating the joy of the season over food and fellowship.  Please mark your calendars to attend. Details of the events will be forthcoming as the date nears.
    Michael E. Engh, S.J.
  •  Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2011

    Dean Searches

    I am pleased to announce that a search committee for the next dean of the Jesuit School of Theology has been constituted. I thank the following members of the committee for their generosity in serving on behalf of the School and the University:

    • Thomas Bertelsen, Jr. (search committee chair and Chair, JST Board of Directors)
    • Maureen Beckman (Assistant Dean, JST-SCU)
    • Eduardo Fernández, S.J. (Associate Professor, JST-SCU)
    • Kristin Heyer (Associate Professor, SCU)
    • Bruce Lescher (Associate Academic Dean, JST-SCU)
    • Paul Lickteig, S.J. (Student, JST-SCU)
    • William O’Neill, S.J. (Associate Professor, JST-SCU)
    • Gina Hens-Piazza (Professor, JST-SCU)
    • Ed Ryan, assistant vice provost for academic affairs (SCU campus), will serve as a non-voting staff assistant to the Committee.

    The committee, which reports to the Provost, is formulating a profile and ad for the JST dean position and is actively seeking nominations. From the pool of candidates, the committee will select a set of candidates for campus interviews. Upon completion of the campus interviews, the committee will transmit to the provost an unranked list of up to three top candidates along with the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. 

    After discussion with the provost, I will make a selection and present the name of the dean finalist for approval to the JST chancellor, Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus.  Once he approves the candidate, the superior general will secure the approval of the Holy See through its Congregation for Catholic Education and the granting of a dean’s nihil obstat.  We hope the new dean will be announced this spring with an anticipated start date sometime this summer.

    The process of appointing a search committee for the new dean of the School of Education and Counseling Psychology has begun. The provost is currently gathering nominations for the search committee and anticipates appointments to be made in the coming weeks. 

  •  Monday, Oct. 24, 2011

    On Friday, October 21, we hosted the fall meeting of the Board of Trustees on campus and welcomed new trustees Scott Santarosa, S.J., John M. Sobrato, and Patricia Boitano. All new and current trustees also were invited to participate in an orientation session to learn about our Jesuit educational values, mission and legacy; the role of trustees; and overviews of the academic programs, the budget and finances, among other topics.

    At the business meeting, Mick McCarthy, S.J. engaged the group with the first of three presentations on "Education as Spiritual Exercises." Father McCarthy made connections between how Jesuit education fits into broader liberal education and focused on the ancient tradition. Drawing upon ancient classical writers to modern-day Jesuits, he framed his talk around the questions: How do I live? How do I dialog? How do I die? How do I read? Father McCarthy's dynamic presentation was well-received and will be followed by Part 2 at the winter meeting of the trustees.

    Other discussion items at the meeting included enrollment strategies for the Class of 2016 presented by Mike Sexton, an overview of the School of Law by Dean Don Polden, and acceptance of the audit report. Philip Boo Riley presented the Faculty Senate president's report on behalf of Bill Greenwalt, Faculty Senate Council president. The chair of the Board of Trustees, Bob Finocchio, thanked the faculty for their dedication to Santa Clara and noted that the high rankings we have received point to the caliber of education that our faculty offer to the benfit of our students.

    This year's president of the Associated Student Government, Courtney Seymour, joined the meeting and reported on the three large student initiatives for the year: campus escort/transportation services, social spirit, and sustainability. 

  •  Monday, Oct. 24, 2011

    Dear Faculty and Staff,

    I am pleased to announce that M. Godfrey Mungal has been reappointed to serve a second term as Dean of the School of Engineering through August 31, 2017. In his first term as dean, Godfrey strengthened the School’s academic programs, catalyzed several new research initiatives, and increased the resonance between many of the School’s endeavors and the University’s mission to improve the human condition.

    I wish to thank the Dean Evaluation Committee for their thorough review of Godfrey’s performance at the end of his fourth year serving as Santa Clara’s engineering dean. Provost Dennis Jacobs met with Godfrey to discuss the findings from the evaluation committee and provide him with constructive feedback. This fall, Godfrey will be meeting with the engineering faculty to present his vision for the School’s promising future and discuss his personal goals in response to the feedback provided by the evaluation committee.

    Please join me in congratulating Godfrey on his reappointment and thanking him for his inspired leadership of the School.


    Michael Engh, S.J.

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