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Juan Diego Scholarship Announcement

Monday, May. 2, 2011
Juan Diego Scholarship

We recently received the welcome news of the selection of the new Juan Diego Scholarship recipient who will receive the scholarship for the 2011-12 academic year and for the following years at Santa Clara.

The Juan Diego scholarship is a need-based scholarship funded by SCU to benefit students from Sacred Heart Parish in San Jose. As part of the criteria, a Sacred Heart Parish committee selects applicants based on their parish involvement and youth leadership. The Scholarship was established in 1998 by the late Father Mateo Sheedy, then pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, and Steve Privett, S.J., then provost of SCU and current president at USF.

Congratulations to the Juan Diego Scholarship recipients for this great honor. I also am grateful to the members of the Selection Committee, and I applaud the continued collaboration between the Sacred Heart Parish Community and the University that benefits so many people.

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