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Board of Trustees Meeting Held

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012
Board of Trustees Meeting Held

The Board of Trustees held their fall business meeting last week at a two-day offsite. Prior to the business meeting, the new trustees attended an orientation session to get an overview of key elements of the University – its Jesuit educational values and history, academic programs, financial overview, the fiduciary responsibility of the board members, and the fundraising plan for the University.  The orientation is one of several ways that the University welcomes new trustees to the board and gives them a framework for understanding their roles and responsibilities as trustees.

At the opening reception, students involved with the Global Social Benefit Fellows program and the Frugal Innovation Lab held poster sessions for the trustees, sharing their experiences with these high-impact interdisciplinary projects. The GSB Fellows related their work with Solar Sister, a GSBI social enterprise that distributes solar lamps using Avon-style direct sale distribution network of women entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. Students from the Frugal Innovation Lab highlighted their projects that ranged from affordable water quality monitoring, solar energy distribution, and mobile platforms for vocal pattern analysis. The students and mentors were very well-received by the trustees. 

During the business meeting, the trustees approved the Audit Report and received an update from the Campaign Planning Task Force, chaired by John A. Sobrato.  The chairs of the various trustee committees reported out on the activities of their respective groups. Other reports included those by the Chair of the Board of Regents, Patti Boitano; President of the Faculty Senate, Barbara Molony; and President of the Associate Student Government, Jenna Saso. 

A significant portion of the meeting comprised presentations and a breakout session about strategic issues. I provided the trustees with an update on the state of the University, and Provost Jacobs gave an overview of the University’s strengths, challenges and aspirations. Trustee Bill Leahy, S.J., President of Boston College, presented on the role of trustees as stewards, ambassadors and benefactors and how they can advance Santa Clara University.  Father Leahy offered valuable insights from his experience with trustees at Boston College and the special contributions they make in strengthening the institution.  Following the presentations, the members broke out into small groups to discuss institutional priorities and identify practices that will help trustees be more effective stewards of Santa Clara’s educational mission.

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