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December 2009 Update

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009

As we prepare to depart for the holiday break, I want to provide you with some brief updates.


The President's Office is experimenting with new forms of communication, including Web-based communication. The President's Update is one new way of providing the University community with regular, brief status of campus issues. The updates will be posted and fully integrated on the President's Office Web site beginning in January. I welcome any comments and ideas you may have about the Update or other ways to improve communication from the President's Office.

In addition, if you have not yet attended one of the President's Coffee Sessions and would like to attend one in the Winter Quarter, please contact Anne McMahon with your preferred day and time.

  • Staff Sessions will be held:
    • February 10, 8-9am
    • February 24, 9-10am
    • March 1, 4-5pm
  • Faculty Sessions will be held:
    • January 7, 8-9am
    • January 21, 8-9am
    • March 11, 8-9am

WASC Update

In early December, the University received the final Capacity and Preparatory Report from the WASC visiting team. Congratulations to Diane Jonte-Pace and her committees for the fine results of their dedicated labors. The leadership of the University is reviewing the report and will determine the next course of action to address the recommendations. We will submit the University response to WASC by December 18. To view the report on the WASC Web site, log in with your Groupwise username and password.

University Planning

Throughout the planning process, we are making every concerted effort to integrate all University planning to meet our vision for the future. The Strategic Plan, Capacity Review, and update to the Master Plan will inform and complement each other, as each document is finalized in the coming year.

Strategic Plan

Over the past year, the University community has submitted many substantive and thoughtful comments on revisions of the Strategic Plan. The Committee has reviewed these comments, is incorporating changes, and is preparing metrics for measuring the success of the Plan's objectives. The revised Plan will go to the Planning Action Council (PAC) for review prior to presentation to the Trustees in June 2010. The next revision of the Strategic Plan will be distributed after completion of the Capacity Review and Master Plan in the Spring of 2010.

Capacity Review and Master Plan

The goal of the Capacity Review will be to determine the appropriate size and composition of faculty and staff to fulfill the aspirations of the Strategic Plan. The update to the Master Plan will capture facilities priorities for the next five years. Lucia Gilbert and Bob Warren are taking the lead on these efforts.

Budget Preparation Process

The University Budget Council (UBC) met on December 10 to review a draft budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. If approved by the UBC, the draft will be reviewed by the Trustees Finance Committee in early February, with submission to the full Board of Trustees on February 12.

Enrollment for 2010-2011

We have very promising news for our undergraduate enrollment for 2010-2011. This year's Early Action applicant pool has seen a 20% increase over last year. Our open house in October brought in nearly 1700 attendees, an increase of 400 over last year's open house. We will have more information about our 2010-2011 applicant pool after the regular application deadline of Janurary 7, 2010.

Jesuit School of Theology Integration

JST integration efforts are well underway. In December, two Regent Task Forces will be visiting JST to assess technology needs and facilities. University leadership is working closely with JST administration, staff and faculty to integrate more fully academic programs, budget, enrollment, and fundraising efforts. 

Gifts to the University

This month, the University received two very generous gifts. Dave and Ann Tomblin, parents of SCU junior Nikkie Tomblin, made a $1.1 million pledge to help us complete the fundraising for the new Business school. I extend my sincere thanks to them for their generosity.

Also in December, the RNN Foundation gave a $1 million gift to our Special Assistance fund for emergency financial aid, and for scholarships for women entering the sciences and engineering. I am very grateful to the Foundation for supporting Santa Clara and the many families who will benefit from this gift. 

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