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Faculty Collaborative Receives Funds for Next Phase

Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2013

The Faculty Collaborative for Teaching and Innovation has been awarded $150,000 from the Hewlett endowment from the President’s Office to continue and extend efforts to enhance learning environments and teaching practices. The Collaborative's model of partnership includes colleagues from the Provost's Office, Faculty Development, Assessment, Information Services, and the teaching faculty. Working together on meaningful projects central to our mission, the Collaborative implemented several effective and fruitful initiatives in the 2012-13 academic year. We saw the Collaborative's successful launch of the classroom redesign project, the LEAD scholars iPad project, and many faculty development efforts around enhancing teaching with technology.

Building on these projects, this year the Collaborative will examine the impact of blended learning, collaborative classrooms and mobile technology. The Collaborative will also focus on understanding how changes in classroom design and use of educational technologies affect the quality of student learning, with particular attention to program level learning and learning that fosters social justice goals. I thank the Collaborative team under the leadership of Chris Bachen, Nancy Cutler, Ron Danielson, Eileen Elrod and Diane Jonte-Pace, and I look forward to another successful year.

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