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Tuesday, Apr. 17, 2012

The recent tragic shootings at Oikos University and the violence last year at San Jose State University have brought great grief. Yesterday SCU commemorated the victims of Virginia Tech with the poignant tribute by Erik Ehn, “What a Stranger May Know.”  The senseless loss of life at these campuses reminds us of the need to renew the University’s commitment to prepare as best we can for emergency situations.  We are refining the crisis communication process on campus, and I need your assistance. I want to remind each of you to please sign up for the SCU Campus Alert Notification System or to update your contact information if you are already enrolled.  SCU Campus Alert is the primary means by which you will be notified in the event of an emergency that affects the campus and surrounding area.

To enroll or update contact information in SCU Campus Alert, log in to eCampus, select "HR Self-Service" from "My Menu", and click the "SCU Campus Alert Information" link.

The most recent events of violence stress the importance of the University’s ability to notify the campus community and respond rapidly to emergency situations. Please take the time to register with SCU Campus Alert so that we can help ensure the safety and security of everyone on campus.

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