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Osher Events : England and the British Empire: From Stonehenge to the Present

10:00 AM to 12:30 PM
England and the British Empire: From Stonehenge to the Present
Part of a small island, England has left a large legacy in world history: the English language and its literature; the English legal system; and the British Empire and its successor states, including the United States. Our course begins with Stonehenge, followed by Roman Britain, the Anglo-Saxon period, the Norman Conquest and Medieval England, and the rise of modern Britain and the Empire beginning with the Tudors. Britain emerges as the world's leading commercial and naval power in the 18th century; "stands alone" against Napoleon at the start of the 19th; and later launches renewed imperial drives into India and South Africa. A major player in the defeat of German expansion in two world wars during the early and mid- twentieth century, Britain becomes part of the Western alliance contributing to the collapse of European Communism in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Today, Britain appears to grow ever smaller and may even leave the European Union; but London remains a major cosmopolitan center and the English language is used and evolves in different parts of the world, progressively morphing into different dialects, much as did Latin after the end of the Roman Empire.
Bert Gordon, Professor of History at Mills College, teaches a range of European history courses, including “England and the British Empire: From the Rise of the Tudors to the Present.” He has written and lectured about popular foods, including the history of chocolate in England, and has presented papers on culinary history at Oxford Food Symposia. Bert is a specialist in World War II France. His books focus on the French collaboration with Nazi Germany during the war. He is a core member of the Tourism Studies Working Group, University of California, Berkeley; serves on the Bureau of the International Commission for the History of Travel and Tourism; and is currently writing a book on France and wartime tourism. He has taught several previous courses for OLLI@SCU.

Long Course, Other Dates:  Jan 17, 24, 31, and Feb 7

Location:  Library Viewing & Taping Room A


Cost: 75.00


Loyola Hall
Library Viewing & Taping Room A

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