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Courses are in a variety of time formats. Some are multi-week; some are one-day programs. Five weeks is the longest. It is important that you look at the beginning and ending date with each course description.

Some classes are on Saturdays or in the evening, but most classes are Monday through Friday in the daytime. Check the quarter calendar to see what is available this quarter. Classes change each quarter.

Classes are held on the Santa Clara University campus and at The Villages.

A notebook and pen or pencil is a good idea to bring. You may also wish to bring along a bottle of water or travel mug with coffee or tea. If certain supplies or clothing are needed for a course, we note it in the description.

There are no papers or tests or grades. Some members seek additional enrichment material, which instructors may suggest, but such material is entirely optional. If the instructor suggests reading for preparation, we hope you will do it. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate fully in discussion. If you are in a writing class, you may be asked to do some writing for the following class. As the old saw says: You get out of it what you put into it.

Current and retired faculty members from SCU, as well as independent scholars from other colleges and universities, lead the classes.

Class and faculty descriptions are available on the website.

If we do not have sufficient enrollment to cover class expenses, we have to cancel. If we cancel a class, you can move to another class or we will credit you for the course fee, or we will refund your course payment in full.

The membership and catalog fee is not refundable, nor can they be pro-rated or transferred. Fees for individual classes will be made fully up to one week before the class states if we receive a written request (e-mail or note) from you. We credit refunds to your account, less a $ 20.00 cancellation fee. Any exceptions to this policy, because of tickets, transportation, etc. are clearly stated in the course descriptions.

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