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Dear OLLI Members, 

The busy holiday season is now upon us and it is that special time of year when we find ourselves reflecting on the value of our relationships. It is a time when we appreciate how these connections have helped to define who we are, and how they will shape what we will become.

If you are an OLLI member you are already a witness to the valuable contribution the Institute makes to the lives of seniors in our community. OLLI at Santa Clara affords the members the ability to attend college level classes with minimum fees taught by knowledgeable and professional instructors. It provides them with the opportunity to meet other seniors who attend classes and have similar interests. And it enables them to participate in the daily campus events of the University while enjoying the beautiful and exciting college environment. We are constantly building upon our relationships with our instructors and members to give you the best possible learning experience our program has to offer.

Our campaign is set to begin this next month (November). Contributing to the endowment fund will enable OLLI@SCU to continue to offer this opportunity to future generations of senior citizens. If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to donate today. “Make a Gift ” button located to the right of this screen.  

I want to take this time to express my gratitude to all of you, for your dedicated participation as a member of OLLI@SCU. I hope that you will be active in our program for years to come.


Andrea Saade

Director, OLLI@SCU 



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