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Behind the Scenes:  Thoroughly Modern Millie – taught by Kimberly Mohne Hill
Flappers, the "Jazz Age", and the backdrop of New York City are some of the charming elements of this fast-paced musical theater parody of the life and times of the roaring twenties. With a story centering on a young, brash "modern-girl-with-a-plan" straight off the bus from Kansas, Thoroughly Modern Millie leads us on a standard romantic journey with a few twists and turns and "bad guys" along the way.

The Behind-the-Scenes class will focus on the process of creating the world of the play- especially the drama-turgy involved in bringing 21st century students into the world of 1922 with care and attention given to both the serious nature of some of the broad stereotypes of the day, and the artful recreation of the style for the audience's enjoyment. Tours of the set, the studios where dance and music and acting rehearsals were held, along with ample opportunities for questions and answers will compromise the majority of the class.

Date: Saturday, May 29
Location: Louis B. Mayer Theatre
Time: 2:00 pm-4:00 pm
Cost: $30

Date: Sunday, May 30
Location: Louis B. Mayer Theatre
Time: 2:00 pm
Cost: FREE with course
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