Santa Clara University

Office of Marketing and Communications

Interview Tips

It is best to call the reporter back to allow yourself time to decide whether it is in your best interest, or the interest of Santa Clara University, to be interviewed.


Before you answer any questions, first clarify these items:
  • Reporter's name with correct spelling and direct phone number.
  • Name of publication or station.
  • Subject of the interview and the story the reporter is generating.
  • What is your role in this story?
  • Is this a telephone interview and is it being tape-recorded? Or is this an in-person interview?
  • When will the story run, and in what section of the newspaper will it appear? In what section of the news show will it appear?
  • What is the reporter's deadline? When is the latest he/she can speak with you?

Based on the answers to the questions above, you can formulate the basic information you can contribute to the reporter's story. For media relations assistance, contact Deepa Arora.

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