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SCU in the News is a biweekly compilation of select media highlights featuring faculty, staff or students.

  •  Michael Engh

    An immersion trip by Fr. Michael Engh (President) and nine other top SCU officials to a low-income neighborhood in San Jose was described on KQED News the morning of the trip.

  •  Nicholas Ladany

    Nicholas Ladany (School of Education and Counseling Psychology) was interviewed by ABC 7 live on their 4pm newscast about how to talk to kids about the Sandy Hook Shooting. The interview was used in several additional newscasts and online. He was also interviewed on KLIV radio about the topic.

  •  Thane Kreiner

    Thane Kreiner (CSTS)  wrote an op-ed for Forbes suggesting that social entrepreneurs are a worthy vehicle for certain charitable donations.

  •  Ramón Chacón

    Ramón Chacón (History and Ethnic Studies) discussed the controversial naming of a school in Salinas, Calif., with the Monterey Herald.

  •  Robert Hendershott

    Robert Hendershott (Finance) spoke to the San Jose Mercury News about Oracle and Cisco's dividend plans. More than a dozen additional papers or sites carried the story.

  •  SunWolf

    A study by SunWolf (Communication) about gift-giving was cited in the blog Money Under 30.

  •  David Pinault

    David Pinault (Religious Studies) wrote for America magazine about his experience with Coptic Christians in Egypt.

  •  Brian Love

    Brian Love (Law) was quoted in dozens of outlets about the latest phase of the Apple Samsung patent lawsuit, after talking to the LA Times and the Korea Times, among others. He also wrote an op-ed for TechCrunch about what should happen in the injunction phase of that case.

  •  Thomas Massaro, S.J.

    Thomas Massaro (JST) wrote an opinion piece for America magazine about the role of money in the recent election and German church-state issues.

  •  Global Women's Leadership Network

    BlogHer included Leavey School of Business's Global Women's Leadership Network in its gift guide.


Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

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