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SCU in the News is a biweekly compilation of select media highlights featuring faculty, staff or students.

  •  Santa Clara University

    ABC7, Huffington Post, and Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal ran stories aboutSanta Clara University being named one of the top California schools for producing graduates earning the highest median salaries.

  •  Center for Science, Technology, and Society

    The San Jose Mercury News and seven other publications carried a story about a $2 million gift from Ann Bowers and RNN 99 Foundation, which will enable the Center for Science, Technology, and Society to fund Global Social Benefit Fellowships for 10 students a year. Also, the Nexus Conference (CSTS) focused on the 2011 Tech Awards laureates and strategies for success for social entrepreneurs, was the subject of an article in the blog JustMeans.  Finally, the Christian Science Monitor mentioned CSTS's frugal innovation program in a story about Stanford's

  •  Colleen Chien

    Colleen Chien (Law) was quoted in a Reuters story, which ran in 85 papers or sites, noting that Steve Jobs' death is not likely to slow the patent war between Apple and Samsung.  She also was quoted in a story that ran in Nature magazine and Scientific American, about the increased risk to biotechnology firms of lawsuits by patent "trolls" whose main purpose as a business is to collect money using patents they've purchased. 

  •  Terri Griffith

    Terri Griffith (Management) was quoted in a widely reprinted San Jose Mercury Newsstory about the phenomenon of "co-working" –freelancers who share a common space that mimics a typical office.

  •  Northern California Innocence Project

    The news that the Northern California Innocence Project helped free a Los Angeles man wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years was carried in 380 newspapers, websites or blogs across the country, via an Associated Press story and two L.A. Times stories.  Cookie Ridolfi and Maurice Possley (NCIP) wrote an oped for the San Jose Mercury Newsabout how attorney misconduct is not being reported to the California Bar Association as required by law.

  •  Elspeth Rossetti

    Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal blogged about the jump in job-fair participation from local companies, quoting Elspeth Rossetti (Career Center) on how the numbers are back at pre-recession levels. The story ran in several other media outlets as well.

  •  Elizabeth Drescher

    A columnist for the Bay Citizen reviewed a new book by Elizabeth Drescher (Religious Studies) and declared her "a social media guru." Drescher also wrote two articles for the magazine Religion Dispatches, on the Occupy Wall Street movement, and recollections of Steve Jobs.  She also was interviewed on the radio program State of Belief about the Wall Street protests.

  •  Deep Gulasekaram

    Deep Gulasekaram (Law) was interviewed twice on KLIV radio, about why the U.S. Supreme Court is likely to take on controversial immigration issues in the upcoming term, and about the federal crackdown on California medical marijuana dispensaries.

  •  Bon Appetit

    Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal blogged about Bon Appetit's challenge to SCU to eat only locally produced food for its annual Eat Local Challenge.

  •  Alex Field

    The publication Policy Review wrote a glowing review of Alex Field's (Economics) book A Great Leap Forward, calling it "one of the most important technical economics books of this decade." 

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