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SCU in the News is a biweekly compilation of select media highlights featuring faculty, staff or students.

  •  Michelle Oberman

    Michelle Oberman (Law) spoke to the Tampa Tribune about a mother who is on trial for the death of her two children. 

  •  Irina Raicu

    Irina Raicu (Markkula) was quoted in Bloomberg on her thoughts of Mozilla’s decision to hire an interim CEO after Eich’s resignation. 

  •  Caroline Chen

    Caroline Chen (Law/LITC) was quoted in NBC’s Reality Check program investigating the true risk of being audited by the IRS.

  •  de Saisset

    The de Saisset was mentioned in two articles about the exhibit  “Fire Script” that ran in the Almanac and SF Korea Times.

  •  Ed Steinman

    Ed Steinman (Law) was interviewed by Bloomberg Law radio about a court ruling about warrantless searches. He also discussed with KLIV  the impact of corporations facing criminal charges, as PG&E is facing related to the San Bruno explosion. 

  •  Tyler Ochoa

    Tyler Ochoa (Law) was quoted in Engadget about why music labels are suing Pandora in New York, which is one of the only few states that address certain royalty issues.

  •  ROTC program

    SCU’s ROTC program was lauded as being the “Most Devoted” in the nation, by NerdWallet’s NerdScholar blog. 

  •  Ruth Silver Taube

    Ruth Silver Taube (Law/KGACLC) was quoted in stories on KCBS and KQED about the problem of wage theft by employers. 

  •  Steven Wade

    Steven Wade (Finance) was spotlighted in a story at the website of the International Rescue Committee for offering free tax help for refugees. 
  •  Jim Balassone

    Jim Balassone (Markkula) was quoted on KLIV-AM and KGO Radio about a Silicon Valley antitrust case. 


Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

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