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Historic house on campus to be moved to new Jesuit residence

Santa Clara, Calif.– May 5, 2006. By the end of the day on May 10, the historical Spanish-style house that now sits at 644 Franklin St.will be gone, but not destroyed. The 67-year-old house is moving two blocks away to 801 Franklin, where it will be part of Santa Clara University’s new Jesuit residence.  

Moving the house is a major production. The house will be lifted off its foundation, carefully guided down the street by a team of engineers and construction crews, and turned 180 degrees to face south. “The architectural style of the entire new Jesuit complex takes its cue from the 644 Franklin St. house. Since the house was a former Jesuit residence, it is fitting that it will continue to serve the Jesuit community in this manner,” said Joe Sugg, assistant vice president for university operations.

The reason for the house move is two-fold. It currently sits on the site of the planned business school and, because of the building’s historical value, the university chose to relocate rather than demolish the building, allowing it to become a central part of the new Jesuit residence.  

The house is a particularly distinguished example of the few remaining intact Spanish Colonial Revival style houses in the city of Santa Clara. It was determined to be historically significant because it retains a high level of historic integrity on both the exterior and interior from its original construction in 1939. It is also listed in the city of Santa Clara’s historic resources inventory for its intact condition and association with local city history and is also eligible for the California register of historical properties.

The procession of the house down Franklin Street is scheduled for Wednesday, May 10 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Construction crews will be on-site at 7 a.m. A portion of Franklin Street will be closed to other vehicles that day.  Santa Clara University is working closely with the city of Santa Clara’s street department, arborist, SCPD, planning department, and Silicon Valley Power.

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<p>Historic house moves down Franklin Street where it will become part of the new Jesuit residence.</p>

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