Santa Clara University

Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Requirements and Guidelines

Scheduling Requirements
In order to schedule Mission Santa Clara for your wedding, the bride and/or groom MUST be a current student, staff/faculty member, or alum of Santa Clara University.  NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE TO THIS POLICY.  If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact the Mission Office.

Dates and Times:

Our wedding timetable is changing for calendar year 2014.  Weddings are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays only.  The following timetables correlate to the start time of your ceremony.

FOR 2014 ONLY:

  • SATURDAYS: 12PM | 3PM | 6PM
  • SUNDAYS: 1PM | 4PM (during summer only)
FOR 2013 ONLY:
  • SATURDAYS: 10AM | 12:30PM | 3PM | 6PM
  • SUNDAYS: 1PM | 4PM (during summer only)
Time Restrictions
Your reservation of the Mission is for a two and a half hour (2.5 hours) block of time.

 1 Hour
 The hour before the ceremony is dedicated to preparation (including any decorations, music rehearsals, AND seating of the guests).
 1 Hour  All ceremonies will begin promptly in accordance with the start time of your wedding and should last no more than 1 hour (see schedule above). 
 30 Minutes
 This time is reserved for posed photography inside the church, however, this time is NOT guaranteed and is dependent on the length of the ceremony (includes time to remove any flowers and decorations).

All weddings must begin PROMPTLY at their designated times. Failure to do so will diminish your time for pictures accordingly. Your allotted amount of time for pictures inside the church is very limited, however, you may use our outside spaces as long as you like. With the proper permit, the Mission Gardens are made available to you before and after your ceremony. When the time comes to vacate the church, all flowers and decorations must be taken with you. In addition to this, any limousines belonging to your party must also vacate the front of the Mission, to make room for the next group.
It is the responsibility of the couple to secure a valid California Marriage License prior to the wedding ceremony.  The license should be brought to the church on the day of your rehearsal.  Mission Santa Clara reserves the right to view the license before the wedding.  Please be aware that your wedding may be canceled or  if a valid marriage license cannot be produced.
photography restrictions
All professional photographers must be issued a photo permit in order to take pictures on the Santa Clara University Campus.  A Photo Permit will be given to you on the day of your rehearsal. 

Posed photography is NOT allowed in the church before the wedding ceremony.  The proper time for this is after the ceremony has taken place.  Exceptions to this policy will NOT be made, so be sure to communicate this to your your photographer.  We invite you to utilize the Mission Gardens for any pictures you would like to take prior to the start of the wedding.
decorating guidelines
  • You have one (1) hour prior to the start of the ceremony to set up any decorations you may have.
  • Aisle Runners are strictly prohibited.
  • Garland and decorative material of any kind may NOT connect candles or chairs in a fashion that blocks the aisles.
  • You may NOT bring in your own aisle candles.
  • Flowers, rice, confetti, etc. may NOT be dropped or thrown inside or outside the Mission.
  • Any materials you bring with you must also leave with you after the wedding has concluded.
  • Consult the Mission Office if you have questions about your decorations so as not to waste your time, materials or expenses.
florist guidelines
You may hire the florist of your choice.  Delivery of any floral materials must abide with Mission Santa Clara's schedule, and be within your allotted period of time.  The Mission Church is not responsible for coordinating or receiving any deliveries for your party, so be sure to communicate any special time frames that must be addressed with your florist.
videography guidelines
Professional videography of your ceremony is welcome.  We urge videographers to remain discreet during the ceremony, so attention remains on the couple and the wedding itself.  Spotlights, cranes, tracks, and other devices which intrude on the sacred nature of the space are strictly prohibited, so please make sure your videographer is aware of this.  Videographers are also covered under your photo permit and do not need a separate permit.
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