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Wedding Information


To schedule your wedding at Mission Santa Clara, the Bride and/or Groom MUST be a current student, faculty, staff, or graduate. No exceptions are made to this policy. Please contact the Mission Office if you have questions about your eligibility.

All reservations are made by calling the Mission Office directly at 408-554-4023.  

Upon choosing your wedding date and time, the Mission Church will provide you a packet of information containing the Rules and Regulations by which you must abide. Included in this packet is your contract with the Mission, declaring your acceptance of our terms and policies. This Contract and all fees must be submitted to the Mission Office before we confirm your booking.

Catholic Weddings:

All marriages involving at least one baptized catholic are obligated to have a catholic marriage ceremony.  Marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic Church, and a good deal of preparation is required before the wedding. For this reason, Catholic couples who have met the scheduling requirements MUST book their wedding no less than SIX (6) months in advance and complete the preparation no less than four (4) months before the wedding.

Part of this process requires that the couple participate in a Marriage Preparation Workshop, available on campus, or from your local parish. Also required is your attendance of a Natural Family Planning presentation.

All marriage documentation will be completed in consultation with your priest, and submitted to the Mission Office no less than one (1) month before the wedding.

Non-Catholic Weddings:

The Mission Church can be a beautiful and serene setting for non-catholic weddings as well. We welcome couples who stem from other religious backgrounds and invite you to share our sacred space.  This applies ONLY to those couples where NEITHER the bride or groom have been baptized into the Catholic Church.  If either the bride or groom have been baptized Catholic, then you are obligated to have a Catholic ceremony.  Once you have met the scheduling requirements and have decided on a date and time, your minister will be required to sign and submit a Non-Catholic Wedding Agreement, which the Mission Office will provide you. Your minister must be ordained and have the authority to perform marriages, and be in good standing with his/her religious tradition.

Please note that civil ceremonies officiated by a justice of the peace are NOT permitted in Mission Santa Clara.

The cost for reserving Mission Santa Clara is $1250.00. This fee is due in full within 10 business days of making your reservation. Failure to make this payment within a timely manner will result in the forfeiture of your wedding date and time. An attempt to contact you may be made, but is not guaranteed. Optional charges and fees due to other services are not included in your reservation fee (i.e. outside vendors, marriage preparation classes, candlelight ceremonies). Extra fees are also incurred for weddings that exceed our regular seating capacity of 400. Call the Mission Office to make arrangements should you need to accommodate additional guests.

A customary stipend is also normally given directly to your priest or minister on the wedding day.
The Mission Office does not accept credit cards at this time.  All checks should be made out to Mission Santa Clara.
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