Santa Clara University

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Mission Santa Clara is not a parish, but a student chapel for Santa Clara University.  Because of our designation, baptisms are not allowed at the Mission.  Current University students going through the RCIA program via the Campus Ministry Department are the ONLY persons exempt from this rule.  Anyone wishing to have a baptism performed (i.e. infant baptism) should seek facilities at your local parish.


The rare circumstances under which a funeral can be scheduled at Mission Santa Clara are when the deceased, and ONLY the deceased, is a current/sitting member on one of the 5 University Boards, a member of the Jesuit Community, or a CURRENT student, faculty, or staff member of Santa Clara University.  If the funeral you wish to schedule does not meet this criteria, we urge you to contact your local parish as an alternative.  All funeral requests require both the recommendation of the President of Santa Clara University, as well as the approval of the Rector of the Jesuit Community.  If you have concerns regarding our funeral policy, please contact the Mission Office during our normal business hours.