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Custom Web applications

Brian Washburn and Tony Pehanich are available to support custom Web application development for campus organizations. This support is available primarily to SCU organizations with a Web presence on, but we can assist with Web application development projects on other servers as well.

Examples of custom Web applications developed by Media Services include:

If your Web project includes interactive forms, a Web database, or dynamically-generated content, please contact Brian Washburn and Tony Pehanich via the Support Request system on the SCU Web Publishing site.

Commonspot CMS developer support

Along with overall system administration responsibility for the Commonspot Content Management System, Brian and Tony also provide support for custom element development and other extensions to the Commonspot CMS. Commonspot provides basic Web authoring functionality out-of-the-box, and we have extended it by creating custom elements based on specific requirements, including blogs, discussion boards, RSS feeds, surveys, and more. Examples of Commonspot custom elements can be found on the Web Publishing site.

Please send any Commonspot-related Support Request to Brian and Tony.

Web Site Hosting

The Information Technology department manages a Web server that can be used for personal home page publishing by any SCU student, faculty or staff member. This server can also be used for class project Web sites, or other academic uses. The server has a content management system available (Drupal) that allows Web publishing without any additional software requirements. Accounts established on the webpages server also have FTP access, allowing sites built using Dreamweaver or iWeb to be transferred for Web hosting. More information about this service can be found on the home page.

Digital Media Server

A media server for digital audio and video is managed by Academic Technology. This server can be used as the host for media files, which you can link to from any SCU Web site. The media server includes a RealMedia server, allowing us to stream audio and video in the RealMedia format. And we can convert analog or digital source files to a variety of Web-ready formats, based on our requirements.

Santa Clara University on iTunes U

Academic Technology will be managing the initial deployment of SCU's iTunes U sites, and will provide ongoing assistance to content providers interested in publishing to this system.

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