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Including duplication, off-air recording, scanning and a digital media Web server.

The Instructional Technology Resource Specialist (ITRS) works to help Santa Clara's faculty to integrate technology in support of the University's general mission of teaching, research, and service.

Academic Technology offers a broad range of audio, video, and computer services - the core of which support using instructional technology in the classroom. All faculty, students, and staff have access to equipment and services for class use, class-related projects, and co-curricular use.

Copyright and Duplication

Academic Technology will not duplicate copyrighted materials (this includes programming recorded off-the-air) without permission. The requestor must provide proof assuring that the copyright law will not be violated. Anyone wishing to copy a video or audio program that is protected by copyright must obtain a written statement from the copyright holder granting permission for duplication.

Academic Technology will duplicate original or personal material for faculty, staff, and students.

Academic Technology will duplicate both analog (VHS, 3/4" U-Matic, beta, or 8mm) or digital (DVD or mini DVC) video for SCU faculty, students, and staff. International standards conversion to or from PAL or SECAM is also available for vhs tape.

Material to be copied should be delivered to the  Academic Technology front desk. Normal turn around time is 2-3 days. Blank tape/DVD/CDs may be purchased from  Academic Technology  , or may be supplied along with the original. Duplicating fees are $15. (includes blank media) or $10. (blank media provided by client) and can be charged to department accounts or paid by cash/check.

Academic Technology will duplicate both CDs and cassettes. Single and multiple, high-speed audio cassette duplication is available. Tape duplicating fees are $2.00 (includes media) or $1. (media provided by client) and can be charged to department accounts or paid by cash/check.

Please note:

*The use of copyrighted materials for instructional purposes in the classroom does not nullify Federal Copyright Law. If the materials are copyrighted by Santa Clara University, permission for duplication should be obtained from the department or administrative unit that produced the program.

* The absence of a copyright notice on a work does not necessarily indicate that the work is public domain.

* Prerecorded videocassettes of public domain programs which are rented from a store are copyrighted by the distributor and may not be duplicated without written authorization from the copyright holder.

Off-Air Recordings

Academic Technology can record broadcast and cable television programs (off-airs) for instructional uses in the classroom.  In order to comply with 1976 Copyright Act,  Academic Technology follows the Fair Use Guidelines covering the recording, retention, and use of television broadcast programs for educational purposes. (guidelines available in  Academic Technology)

Academic Technology will do off-air recordings at the request of faculty members. According to copyright guidelines, an off-air recording should be shown within the first ten consecutive school days after recording. The recording can be shown a second time for instructional reinforcement. Off-airs must be erased within 45 calendar days after the recording. Off-airs will be labeled with an expiration date. If, after viewing the off-air, the faculty member would like to retain the program to use in future classes, a request should for purchase should be made to their Department's library subject specialist, who will investigate availability, costs and coordinate tape purchase.

Faculty should be aware that they are also personally subject to these guidelines when videotaping class materials at home.

Text (OCR) Scanning

Academic Technology can scan any text document on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. An example might be an article or report where the original file has been lost or was created in the typewriter era. Files may be saved in either PDF or Word format. For information on scanning text, call Dan Maloney at x4520 or


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