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Summer Faculty Technology Workshop

Imagine creating innovative and engaging multimedia presentations and assignments using images, audio, digital video, Web 2.0 and other cutting-edge technologies that will enhance teaching and learning for you and your students!

Engage, Inspire, Motivate . . .Educate Today’s Digital Generation!

The appropriate use of educational technologies can help communicate content on multiple levels; increase retention of course content; create active learning opportunities; increase student participation; store digital resources so that they’re accessible 24/7; increase communication and build community; and assess student comprehension. Santa Clara University invites you to participate in a 2-week workshop designed to help integrate technology into your curriculum. Intended for faculty with minimal or no prior technology experience, the workshop focuses on best practices, learning theory, instructional design, multimedia presentation, web-based instruction, and more. Learn to reshape your current curriculum to enhance face-to-face instruction and to create technology-rich assignments that will engage 21st-century students. The workshop will introduce you to a variety of new digital hardware and software tools, and provide you with hands-on experiences to solidify your understanding of when and where to best use technology in your teaching. The curriculum includes: image acquisition and editing (scanning, image databases, digital photography, Photoshop Elements), audio, podcasting (Garage Band, iTunes, Sound Forge), digital video (iMovie, iDVD, ULead), web design (Dreamweaver), multimedia presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote), online course management (ANGEL, Acrobat) and Web 2.0 technologies (MUVEs, Wikis and Blogs). The workshop will also address instructional design (needs assessment, defining learning bjectives, implementing technology-rich curriculum, and assessing student outcomes).

There’s Even Money!

Faculty will receive a $2,500 stipend for completing both the lecture and lab sections of the workshop. Participants will also receive personal copies of much of the software used in the workshop.

Who’s Eligible?

Tenured and tenure track faculty, lecturers and senior lecturers, and term lecturers on annual or longer appointments. Priority will be given to tenured and tenure track faculty, and lecturers. The workshop is intended for beginners: i.e. for faculty who are neither experienced with nor sophisticated using educational technologies.

What Are the Details?

• Ten full-day sessions from Thursday, June 17 through Wednesday, June 30, 2010. There will also be a six hour time commitment for assessment and instruction during Spring quarter.

• Workshop is a combination of lectures to cover instructional technology tools and best practices, and hands-on opportunities to use those tools to create course materials.

• For additional information contact Instructional Technology Resource Specialists Mike Ballen [], James Linehan []), Gloria Hofer [] or Media Services Director Nancy Cutler [], or contact a recent participant of the program:

Margalynne Armstrong, Law

Bonita Banducci, Grad Engineering

Rachel Bundang, Religious Studies

Julie Chang, English

Hsin-I Cheng, Communication

Wingyan Chung, OMIS

Wendy Donohoe, Accounting 

Teresia Hinga,  Religious Studies

Angel Islas,  Biology

James Kelley, Management

Sharmila Lodhia, Womens' and Gender Studies, Political Science 

Suzanne Luttman, Accounting 

Guy Ramon, Physics

Terry Shoup, Mechanical Engineering

Jean Soto, Religious Studies

Nina Tanti, Modern Languages – French

Alan Rozzi, Political Science

Bo Tep, Management

Richard Trevisan, Management 

How Do I Apply?

Watch for an announcement Winter 2010 with application details.  Application consists of  a document of less than one page describing why you would like to learn more about educational technologies and identifying opportunities for integration (or further integration) of technology into your courses. Dream a little about how you think technology might help you be a more effective teacher and help your students to better achieve the learning objectives in your classes. This does not have to be a detailed project proposal, just something to give a flavor of the kinds of things you might hope to do. Copy your chair on that message, and ask her or him to send a one paragraph evaluation of how greater use of technology might improve your classes and the overall educational environment in the department.

Here’s what some of our workshop alumni have said about the experience:

“This was a great workshop--I have tons of new ideas that I am planning to integrate into my courses next year.”

“This has been great! I've learned a lot. I have lots of ideas for the future--biggest problem is deciding what to do first!”

“The workshop was wonderful--everything I expected and more. I now really feel ready to start revising my classes as I had hoped.”

“I am already planning to use some of the digital story-telling and PowerPoint techniques in my class. I have been inspired by the workshop to move a great deal more of my pedagogy online.”

“I appreciated that we did not only talk about the technology, but also covered pedagogical issues and explored the different ways that students learn.”

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