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  • Instructional Technology Resource Specialists (ITRS) support faculty in their use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. ITRS partner with faculty to design and develop multimedia course materials and student assignments; integrate Web technologies into the curriculum; identify available existing resources; and develop teaching and assessment materials.  ITRS also support the Camino learning management system, use of Second Life, the Multimedia Lab, digital video production and provide support to students to complete multimedia assignments.

  • Camino Learning Management System  ( enables faculty to manage course materials and communicate easily with students.  Faculty can use online drop boxes to receive and grade uploaded assignments; post documents online, establish and monitor discussion boards and chat; create group space for discussions or for collaboration on projects; administer surveys or assessments; send and receive course email; build a grade book; and more.  Contact the ITRS or Academic Technology for assistance.
  • Second Life 3D Virtual Community -  Hundreds of educational institutions are using Second Life to create a safe environment to enhance experiential learning, allowing individuals to practice skills, try new ideas, and learn from their mistakes. Prepare your students or employees for real-world experiences by using Second Life as a simulation! Students and educators can work together in Second Life from anywhere in the world as part of a globally networked virtual classroom environment. Using Second Life as a supplement to traditional classroom environments also provides new opportunities for enriching an existing curriculum. Contact the ITRS or Media Services for assistance.

  • Equipment delivered to classroom or other learning spaces
  • Faculty Technology Classes and Workshops focus on best practices, learning theory, instructional design, creating new online resources, converting existing course materials, developing multimedia presentations to enhance face-to-face instruction, and designing course-related student assignments to actively engage students.
  • Multimedia Lab and Digital Video Resources
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