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Camino is the SCU learning management system for use by faculty and students in their face-to-face, hybrid/blended, and online courses.  Camino enables faculty to manage course materials and communicate easily with students.  Camino allows faculty to:

  • create wikis and blogs
  • post documents online, establish and monitor discussion boards and chat
  • create group space for discussions or for collaboration on projects
  • use online drop boxes to receive and grade uploaded assignments
  • link to audio and video streams, and podcasts available in iTunes U and Accordent
  • build a grade book
  • administer surveys or assessments
  • send and receive course email
  • and more….

Camino can be accessed from the SCU Login drop down list in the upper-right hand corner of the SCU Home Page, or directly at

We’re eager to get you up and running in Camino and are available for individual overview and orientation on the system.  If you’ve used a course management system in the past, you may find it a fairly easy transition to Camino, in which case you might prefer to start using it and then contact us with specific questions on the more advanced features, such as the grade book.

Camino accounts are created automatically for all current faculty and enrolled students. Once you have an active account please contact any of the Media Services' ITRS for an orientation or ongoing Camino support, questions, and issues -

Michael Gilkison,, 551-6087
Gloria Hofer,, 551-1863
Jeremy Kemp,, 551-1842


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