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Camino 2: Tips of the Week - Archiving your Camino course and Making past Camino courses available to your students

Tip #1 - Want to archive your Camino course? Here's how to export the content to your computer:

-Open the course you wish to archive.

-Go to settings on the left column at the bottom.

-In the top right corner of your screen, select “Export Course Content”

-For “Export Type” make sure “Course” is selected; click “Create Export.”

-You will see a progress bar that is creating a file of your Canvas course. 

-After blue progress bar has finished, select “Click Here to Download” option. The file will then go to your downloads folder.

-Create a folder, labeled with course title and quarter, and save the file there.


NOTE: This export only exports the content that you loaded into the course. Any student work or discussion boards are not backed up. This export will assist you in populating content when teaching the same course again.


Tip #2 - Want your students to continue to have access to your course next quarter? Here's how to change the end date of your course:

-Open the course you want to make accessible.

-Go to settings on the left column at the bottom.

-Select the “Course Details” tab if it is not already selected.

-Select “Edit Course Details” at the bottom of the screen.

-About the 6th option from the top, entitled “End” is where you select the end date for the course. You can go years from now if you choose, and you can change these settings at any time.

-Once you have the desired date selected, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “Update Course Details.”

-Once the page saves, make sure the change is reflected on the current page. Once again, as the instructor you can change the start and end date at any time.


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