Courtesy Cards

Campus visitors that are not affiliated with SCU and not a member of one of the consortia libraries or universities below may purchase a Courtesy Card that entitles them to limited borrowing privileges. 

SCU alumni and spouses of SCU Faculty and Staff are entitled to a free Courtesy Card upon verification of their status. Visiting SCU scholars, researchers, etc. should contact their department chair or sponsoring agent for information on obtaining library privileges. Non-SCU students participating in Army ROTC through the SCU Department of Military Science may obtain complimentary Courtesy Cards upon request.

Applications for Courtesy Cards may be submitted at the Circulation Desk, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. An Individual Courtesy Card is $80 for six months or $150 for one year. Contractor and Institutional Courtesy Cards are $350 for one year.

If you have additional questions please contact the Circulation Desk (, 408-554-5020) for more information.

Courtesy Card Policies

Courtesy Cards must be presented at the Circulation Desk to borrow materials from the Library's circulating collections for 21 days. Materials may be renewed if they have not been requested by another user.

Courtesy Card holders are subject to all applicable overdue fines and lost materials charges.

Courtesy Card Restrictions

Courtesy Cards cannot be used for:

  • borrowing periodicals, microforms, and other non-print or non-circulating materials,
  • remote access to most electronic databases that are licensed for SCU students, faculty, or staff,
  • requesting materials from interlibrary loan or LINK+.

Consortium Visiting Patrons

SCU is a member of these consortia and provides limited borrowing privileges to patrons from other member libraries and universities. These patrons do not need to purchase a Courtesy Card, but may be required to provide suitable documentation or identification at the Circulation Desk before borrowing materials.

  • LINK+ Visiting Patron member libraries
  • AJCU Jesuit Library Passport
  • SCELC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program