Commemorative Book Program

Santa Clara University's Commemorative Book Program is a thoughtful and convenient way to celebrate an event, honor the living, or pay tribute to the deceased.

Contributions to the program are used to purchase materials for University libraries. The University notifies the honorees and family or friends of gifts made in honorem or in memoriam and sends donors an acknowledgment of their gifts.

Materials purchased from Commemorative Book Program gifts serve generations of Santa Clara students and hundreds of faculty, who use the holdings of the Libraries for study and research.

Donors also have the special satisfaction of knowing that, through a gift of library materials, they are making a lasting contribution to the academic quality of education at Santa Clara.

 In Honorem

In Honorem BookplateThe inspiration for contributing honorary gifts may come from a desire to honor friends, family members, colleagues, and public figures or to celebrate events and occasions that carry special meanings, such as birthdays, Christmas, graduations, Mother's and Father's Day, or a special religious or secular holiday.

 In Memoriam

In Memoriam BookplateGifts may be made in memory of deceased family members or others who have won our affection or merited our respect. They are offered when an individual dies, on the anniversary of a death, or on another date or event related to the deceased. Gifts in memoriam establish a lasting tribute to those who have touched our lives.


Participation in the Program

To make a contribution to the Commemorative Book Program, go to the Giving To Santa Clara University secure site.

You may also make your donation by sending a check, payable to SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY, to:

Development Office
Santa Clara University
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Please indicate that the gift is a contribution to the Commemorative Book Program and designate your gift for the purchase of materials for the University Library or the Heafey Law Library.

For honorary gifts, please PRINT the name(s) of the individual(s) being honored and the occasion, if any, which the gift celebrates.

For memorial gifts, please PRINT the name(s) of the individual(s) being memorialized and any additional information, such as date of death, that should be added to an announcement of the gift.

Donors should be sure to PRINT their own name(s), address(es), and phone number(s) on the letter or form accompanying a gift. If others are to be notified of the gift, e.g., the family of the deceased for a memorial gift, clearly PRINTED name and address information should also be supplied for these individual(s).

For more information about making a gift to Santa Clara University, please contact the development office (408-554-4400).