Subject Specialists and Departmental Liaisons

The Library staff is committed to providing the best possible service to the University community. Our reference librarians can answer any kind of reference and informational questions that you might have. A system of subject area specialists/liaisons among librarians and teaching faculty works to build the library's collections and encourage library use. Please contact the subject specialist/liaison in your field of interest for help.

Subject Specialists by Name

Collection Specialists

Archives & Special Collections
Government Publications
Paul Neuhaus
Library Science Subject Specialist
Elizabeth McKeigue
University Archivist
Erin Louthen

Specialists & Liaisons by Department/Program

Department/Program Subject Specialist Chair/Program Director Library Faculty Liaisons
Accounting Anthony Raymond Michael Eames Michael Eames
Anthropology Nicole Branch Michelle Bezanson Mythri Jegathesan
Applied Mathematics Susan Boyd Stephen Chiappari Stephen Chiappari
Arrupe, S.J., Center for Community Based Learning - See Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
Art & Art History Leanna Goodwater Blake de Maria Karen Fraser
Asian Studies Helene Lafrance Greg Corning Greg Corning
Bannan Institute for Jesuit Educational Mission - See Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education
Bioengineering Susan Boyd Yuling Yan Yuling Yan
Biology Shannon Kealey Craig Stephens David Hess
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Anthony Raymond Daniel Aguiar Daniel Aguiar
Center for Science, Technology, and Society Nicole Branch Thane Kreiner Thane Kreiner
Center for Student Leadership TBA Jonathan Gray Jonathan Gray
Chemistry Shannon Kealey Jack Gilbert Steven Suljak
Civil Engineering Susan Boyd Mark Aschheim Steve Chiesa
Classics Leanna Goodwater William Greenwalt William Greenwalt
Combined Sciences Shannon Kealey Craig Stephens Craig Stephens
Communication Paul Neuhaus Paul Soukup Paul Soukup
Computer Engineering Susan Boyd Nam Ling Weijia Shang
Counseling Psychology Paul Neuhaus Jeffrey Baerwald Dale Larson
Economics Anthony Raymond Linda Kamas Michael Kevane
Education Gail Gradowski Kristine Melloy Sara Garcia
Electrical Engineering Susan Boyd Samiha Mourad Tokunbo Ogunfunmi
Engineering Management Susan Boyd Frank Barone Frank Barone
English Leanna Goodwater Terry Beers Melissa Donegan
Environmental Studies Shannon Kealey Michelle Marvier Virginia Matzek
Environmental Studies Institute Shannon Kealey Leslie Gray Leslie Gray
Ethnic Studies Gail Gradowski James Lai James Lai
Finance Anthony Raymond George Chacko Hoje Jo
Food and Agribusiness Institute Anthony Raymond Gregory Baker Gregory Baker
French -- See also Modern Languages Helene Lafrance   Catherine Montfort
History Helene Lafrance Arthur Liebscher Amy Randall
Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education Elizabeth McKeigue Michael C. McCarthy, S.J. Michael C. McCarthy, S.J.
Jesuit School of Theology Elizabeth McKeigue Bruce Lescher Bruce Lescher
Liberal Studies Gail Gradowski Barbara Burns Barbara Burns
Management Anthony Raymond Terri Griffith Manuel Velasquez
Marketing Anthony Raymond Dale Achabal (co-chair)
Shelby McIntyre (co-chair)
Michael Munson
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Leanna Goodwater Kirk Hanson David DeCosse
Mathematics & Computer Science Susan Boyd Glenn D. Appleby Byron Walden
Mechanical Engineering Susan Boyd Drazen Fabris Drazen Fabris
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Helene Lafrance Blake de Maria Blake de Maria
Military Science Helene Lafrance LTC John Tao LTC John Tao
Modern Languages & Literatures -- See also French & Spanish Leanna Goodwater Jill Pellettieri Tonia Riviello
Music Leanna Goodwater Hans Boepple Christina Zanfagna
Operations Management and Information Systems Anthony Raymond Andy Tsay Li Tao
Pastoral Ministries Elizabeth McKeigue Gary Macy Salvatore Tassone, S.J.
Philosophy Leanna Goodwater Shannon Vallor William Parent
Physics Shannon Kealey John Birmingham Guy Ramon
Political Science Paul Neuhaus Janet Flammang William Stover
Psychology Paul Neuhaus Robert Numan Eleanor Willemsen
Public Health Science Shannon Kealey Craig Stephens David Hess
Religious Studies Elizabeth McKeigue Gary Macy Denise Carmody
Residential Learning Communities Elizabeth McKeigue Philip Kesten Philip Kesten
Retail Management Institute Anthony Raymond Kirthi Kalyanam Kirthi Kalyanam
Sociology Nicole Branch Jack Gilbert Patrick Lopez-Aguado
Spanish -- See also Modern Languages Leanna Goodwater   Francisco Jiménez
Theatre & Dance Leanna Goodwater David Popalisky Barbara Murray
Women & Gender Studies Helene Lafrance Laura Ellingson Laura Ellingson