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Kids on Campus

Infant / Toddler Daily Schedule

Infant Activities 

Kids on Campus’ infant/toddler program seeks to fulfill the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of your child. We want to help each child develop a sense of trust be experiencing a routine in which basic needs are met (food, diapering, warmth, and affection). Your child will form a deep and lasting attachment to the people who care for him/her in a program that is structured to meet his/her needs.

The infant/toddler room consists of a play area in which your child can use manipulative toys (washed after being mouthed), an explorer area with low climbing structures to help build motor skills and coordination, and a sleeping area where your child can nap in a crib/cot. We have created a safe environment with a variety of stimuli.

The ratio of teachers is 1 to 4 in order to allow for more interaction and consistent care giving. Our teachers help your child experience the world through developing a new set of skills (sitting, crawling, standing, and walking) as well as expanding their language skills and independence.

Since we believe that parent participation is an important part of each child’s care giving experience, we encourage the parents and staff to communicate daily. Daily written records will be available to the parents at the end of each school day.

Toddler Daily Schedule 

7:45-9:30Arrival - Free choice of activities
9:30-10:00Morning snack
10:00-11:00Activity Time
11:00-11:30Outside Play
12:15-12:30Story Time
12:30-2:30Nap Time
2:30-3:00Afternoon Snack
3:00-3:45Outside Play
3:45-4:15Music and Movement
4:15-4:45Teacher Directed Activity
4:45-5:45Free Play
5:45KOC Closed

The daily schedule is a sample of the activities to be provided for the infants and toddlers in the program. Children will eat and sleep on a demand basis and as specified within each infant's daily plan. The goal of the program is to provide each child with needed times of stimulation, interaction, one-on-one time, cuddling, and sleep. We will develop our program to the children's needs to meet this goal.

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