Santa Clara University

Kids on Campus

General Information

Operating Hours

7:45am - 5:45pm, Monday through Friday
(University holidays excepted)

Kids on Campus observes the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • President's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Break (Traditionally given by Father Locatelli on a yearly basis)

The facility is closed the Thursday/Friday prior to Labor Day weekend to allow the staff time to make preparations for the new term.


Kids on Campus functions with a full-time professional staff: a Director, six full-time teachers, and part-time student aides. Our Director is directly responsible for the administration of Kids on Campus. The Director hires and supervises the teachers and student aides and is responsible for the effective and smooth running of the program. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s progress with teachers at any time. Specific concerns should be addressed directly to teachers and the director. Parents may also schedule individual parent-teacher conferences.

The Advisory Board (consisting of a president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, fundraisers, special event coordinator, and HR Liaison, along with Kids on Campus director) oversees the operation of the school. Made up of parents elected in the spring of each year, the Board handles fundraisers, budget, tuition rate structure, policy questions and program evaluation throughout the year.

Parents’ ideas and participation in all facets of Kids on Campus help define its character. Through regular board meetings, parents’ meetings and other activities, parents help maintain and develop both our facility and program.

Philosophy and Goals

The fundamental philosophy of Kids on Campus is “Learning through Play.”

Kids on Campus provides a loving, creative and safe learning environment, which enhances the physical, mental, and social growth of each child. Childhood is a very special time and each child has unique abilities that can be nurtured through play.

The program is child-centered, emphasizing a developmentally appropriate hands-on approach to learning in the areas of language development, art, music, movement, science, mathematics, and multi-cultural activities. Kids on Campus aims to promote self-reliance, creativity, respect for the rights of others, and positive self-esteem.

These goals can be achieved in an atmosphere in which children can be themselves and develop in their own time. Children’s natural interests provide cues for program planning at Kids on Campus.

A fundamental characteristic of Kids on Campus is the commitment to a sense of community, not only for the children, but for their families as well. Once we enter the doors we are bound by our common identity as parents, which transcends the diverse roles at Santa Clara University that originally brought us to Kids on Campus. We express this communal priority through shared participation in the life of Kids on Campus, including respect for other children and their families and quarterly participation hours. Enrolling a child at Kids on Campus includes an acknowledgement of the centrality this community ideal, and a commitment to uphold and support it.

Parent Communication

Information will be available to you in many ways.

  • Newsletters and notices
  • Parent Bulletin Board (in KOC entry hall)
  • Parent meetings/parent conferences
  • Notices/messages on sign in/out page
  • Ongoing informal interaction with KOC staff
  • Parent Room Representatives

Parent Observation

We have an "open-door" policy, parents are welcome to visit their children and observe at any time.

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