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Kids on Campus is a self-funded, non-profit, parent participation pre-school and childcare center at Santa Clara University. Kids on Campus has been a part of the University since the fall of 1969 and serves children whose parent(s) are SCU faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The infant room is a full time only program for ages six weeks to two years and the preschool program is for children from two to six years of age. It is a small community of about 55 families, with approximately 50 children in attendance at any given time.

What will my child learn at Kids on Campus?

That he/she is a special, unique individual. It is our goal that each child graduates with self-confidence and a positive self-image. We attempt to help each child to believe in themselves and their abilities. Children learn when they share experiences and ideas with others. It is our responsibility, as educators, to provide practical experiences in an atmosphere commensurate with the way children learn.

When children see that their concerns and interests are taken seriously, they are more likely to take their own ideas seriously. Teachers can strengthen children's disposition to wonder, reflect, and generate solutions to problems.

Lillian G. Katz, Distinctions....of Self Esteem

How to make choices and deal with the consequences. Whether a choice has positive or negative results it is still a learning experience.

To be aware that we live in a print prolific world - that words are all around us, that words have meaning, that we can write and read the words we think and say. Children will be encouraged to dictate stories, events, and items of importance to them.

To be exposed to the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Children will develop recognition of letters and their sounds through everyday experiences, and small group activities.

To be introduced to colors, shapes, numbers, matching, categorizing, small motor skills, similar and different, opposites, and other cognitive concepts.

To learn interpersonal skills such as cooperation, sharing equipment, taking turns, practicing safety and good health habits, moral values, respecting themselves, others, and our school.

To be exposed to a variety of experiences, including:

  • Storytelling, literature, puppetry, dramatizations, music and movement
  • Observing nature, using all five senses to discover their world
  • Trying a variety of art materials and techniques
  • Doing, feeling, touching, sharing, listening, investigating, experimenting
  • Creating.......learning.......and playing!
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