Santa Clara University

Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley

Beauty: The Color of Truth Conference

May 29 - June 1, 2008
Berkeley, California


Theology is rapidly becoming interdisciplinary, and the method to explore such interdisciplinarity appears to be the new field of theological aesthetics. The third international conference on theological aesthetics aims to explore this new interdisciplinarity in theology via the perspective of the beautiful. Towards this goal, scholars from all over the world are gathering to present aesthetic insights into the many intersections that contemporary theology has encountered in the arts, the natural sciences, the pursuit of social justice, interfaith dialogue, even, the nature of theological aesthetics itself. This exploration of the beautiful will also be a celebration of the beautiful with performances and art exhibits in the marvelous setting of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Snjezana Akpinar, Basanta Bidari, Frank Burch Brown, Kevin Burke, S.J.,Virgilio Elizondo, Alex Garcia-Rivera, Ikuo Higshibaba, Massimo Leone, Ron Nakasone, Carl Neuman, Ivan Nicoletto, James Redington, Robert Russell, William Stoeger, S.J., Surapone Virulark, and many others...

To register and for more information, please download the brochure and registration form. You may also contact the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley at or 510.549.5000.

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