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Speaker Request Survey


JST Vatican II Speakers Bureau: Speaker Request Survey

We are glad that you would like to invite a member of our JST Vatican II Speakers Bureau to your community.  Please answer the following questions in order to help us coordinate a speaker for your community.  Please be sure to include any additional information that you think may help us coordinate a speaker for your community.

JST Vatican II Speakers Bureau: Speaker Request Survey

What is the full name of your parish, school or community?*

What is the address of your parish, school or community?*

When would you like to host a member of the Speakers Bureau?*

Please list up to three possible dates when your community would be able to host a speaker.  Include the date and the time for each option.  Please list them in order of preference (1 being the date/time that is the most desirable, 3 being the date/time that is the least desirable).  Presentations do not exceed one hour.  If you are not sure about when you would host this event, please simply indicate: "no preferred date."

Is there a specific topic that your community would like the speaker to address?

Please note, information about our speakers and their subjects of interest may be found on our website.  We do not take requests for specific topics or speakers, but any information you provide will help us select a speaker for your community.

Please provide direct contact information for our Speakers Bureau Coordinator.*

Please provide us with the name, email address and phone number of the person responsible for planning this event.  This is the person who will be contacted by our Speakers Bureau Coordinator.

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