Santa Clara University

JST Shabbat Lay Intentional Community

The Shabbat community is located about four miles from JST at St. Leo's parish in Oakland. Community members often commute to school via bike, bus, or BART. There are up to seven members in this community during any given semester. The 2014-2015 rent is $505 per month, which includes utilities and wireless internet. No pets are allowed.

Shabbat Mission Statement

Shabbat House is a place of radical hospitality, loud laughter, and good food. We are a Spirit-filled community, and strive to enact God's active love not just as residents who share a roof, but as people of God sharing a common journey. We are intentional in sharing our time and our lives with one another. We seek to make people feel welcome, whether through a dinner, a house party, or a bed to sleep on when they are traveling through the Bay Area. We want our food, as God's nourishing gift, to be "good" - good for the environment, good for the community, and good for our bodies. In all that we do, we hope to create a place where our delight in God and in one another may be manifest.

Shabbat Lay Intentional Community

St. Leo's Parish

Building Location: 4264 Howe Street, Oakland, CA

Accommodations: 7 individual bedrooms with separate office space; shared common areas

Furniture: Twin size bed, desk, dresser; fully furnished common areas

Laundry: Washer and dryer available on ground level

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