Santa Clara University

2600 Virginia

The Jean Donovan Community is located on the top floor of the building right next door to JST. There are up to five members in this community during any given semester. The 2014-2015 rent is $680/month per person, which includes utilities. No pets are allowed.

Jean Donovan Community Mission Statement

The Jean Donovan Community is an intentional lay community named after Jean Donovan, the Maryknoll lay missionary who was murdered in El Salvador in 1980. We seek to keep the memory of Jean Donovan and her vocation as a lay minister alive in our community. Our community desires to be a place of hospitality to the larger JST community. We focus on creating and maintaining a living environment that provides space for open dialogue, creativity, laughter, comfort, prayer and reflection. Together we strive to support one another personally, spiritually, and communally.

Jean Donovan Lay Intentional Community

Building Location: 2600 Virginia St., Berkeley, CA

Accommodations: 5 individual bedrooms; shared common areas

Furniture: Twin size bed, desk, dresser; fully furnished common areas

Laundry: Coin laundry (washer and dryer) is available on ground level. The washer is $1.25 per cycle, and the dryer is $1.00 per cycle

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