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Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley

Registration Instructions


Before you register for classes, you must browse the online course schedule, attend your academic advising appointment, and email professors to receive limited course PIN codes when necessary.

Browse Course Offerings

The Searchable Course Scheduleis available here. Please consult the handbook for your degree program to assist you in selecting classes that will meet program requirements.

Academic Advising

At the start of each advising period, a hold is placed on each student's account. In order to have the hold removed, all students must consult with their Academic Advisor who must then remove the Advisor Block. The system will not allow the student to register until the block has been lifted. Incoming students will meet with their advisors during Orientation Week. Returning students schedule advising appointments prior to or at the time of Early Registration which occurs the previous semester.

Limited Course PIN Codes

Students must write to the instructor of a restricted course to obtain the PIN codes before being allowed to register for those courses. To determine whether a course requires a PIN, click on the course number in the Searchable Course Schedule. At the bottom of the course description, it will indicate whether there is a maximum number of students allowed in the course.

Register for Courses at JST and all GTU Institutions

Please use the registration instructions available on this page to assist you. If you have forgotten your user ID or password for WebAdvisor, please attempt to reset your password by clicking on the link to the left of the WebAdvisor Welcome screen. It will ask you for your Social Security number (SSN) or your GTU ID (located on the front of your GTU library card). It will only accept your SSN if that number has been entered into your record on Colleague. Once you have hit submit, the system will send an email to you with the new, temporary password. It's best if you copy and paste rather than retype. Then you will need to make up a new password. The "old" password that it asks you to enter is the temporary one you were just given. If this does not work, please contact the GTU IT department at

Registration Dates and Fees

After the second week of the semester, changes must be made on paper forms and submitted to the Registrar after all necessary signatures are obtained. The cost per change is $50.00.

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