Santa Clara University

Jesuit Tradition at Santa Clara

At SCU, ethics and values add intellectual and spiritual strength to the educational environment. That’s the Jesuit Advantage.

Think beyond your career. This is your life.

At SCU, we want to help you explore who you want to be and how you want to live your life. As a student here, you are a member of a mutually supportive, intellectually powerful, compassionate, and open-minded community where you can ponder life’s big questions.

Connect and explore

Santa Clara has an active Campus Ministry program; Residential Learning Communities, such as Loyola and Xavier, that are based on Catholic and Jesuit spiritual life; and a center of distinction where you can explore Ignatian and Jesuit spirituality and learn life lessons from community service.

Santa Clara University also offers graduate degrees through the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries. The Church is served by those trained in spirituality, catechetics, pastoral liturgy, and liturgical music.

Lessons from our leader

Santa Clara University President Michael E. Engh, S.J., represents our Catholic and Jesuit tradition of academic leadership. Read his recent columns and campus talks, which illustrate the ways in which Jesuit ideals enrich the life of our campus community.

Statue of St. Ignatius

How the Jesuit Advantage works

Not sure how the Jesuit Advantage works? We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions that may help.