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Tip Of The Day

  • » Two Home Computers

    If possible, have two computers at home -- one for parents and one for kids. If you are sharing a computer, make sure you have separate accounts for everyone and that kids do not have privileged access. Read More »
  • » Trust Your Instincts

    Ultimately, common sense is your best protection. If an email, phone call or online message seems odd, suspicious or too good to be true, it may be an attack. Read More »
  • » Never Share Your Passwords

    Never share your passwords with others, including your supervisor or coworkers. Your password is a secret; it only works if only you know it. If anyone else knows your password, you may be responsible for their actions. Read More »
  • » Mobile Apps

    Only install mobile apps from trusted places, and always double-check the privacy settings to ensure you are not giving away too much information. Read More »
  • » Lock Your Mobile Devices

    The number one step for protecting your mobile device is making sure it has a strong passcode or password lock on it so only you can access it. Read More »
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