Santa Clara University

Information Services

Status of 1st Floor Redesign

February 2014

The Learning Commons 1st Floor Space Redesign Working Group was appointed in May 2013 by Ron Danielson and the three IS Directors.  Membership included two members of the University Library, two members of Media Services, and two members of Information Technology.  

The group was charged with “gathering data and working with the Projects and Planning office to present a revised layout of the public space on the first floor, including a reduction in the number of service points”. The methodology suggested was to solicit information and feedback from IS staff currently working on the first floor, gather data from students and faculty through formal and informal methods (surveys, focus groups, etc.), and gather input from the Writing Center which has expressed a desire to have consultation space on the first floor.  The process included the following:

  • Data Collection of data already available from internal use of service, use statistics as well as LibQual data
  • Literature Review on Learning Commons remodeling
  • Approval for the project from the Institutional Review Board
  • Individual Observations of the use of the 1st floor by each task force member
  • Flip Chart Student Survey in May 2013 to get input from the students as to why they were in specific locations on the 1st floor.  This data was used to develop the survey administered in October 2013.
  • IS Staff and Student Employee Survey
  • Questionnaire for Service Desk Managers of the 1st floor
  • Input regarding the 1st Floor Redesign from the IS Directors and SCU Architect
  • Meetings with the director of the HUB Writing Center and Disabilities Resource staff
  • Faculty & Student Focus Groups
  • Campus Wide Survey (October 2013 with over 2300 responses)

After careful analysis of all the data and information accumulated from the campus wide survey, the task force presented recommendations to the CIO, IS Directors and campus Architect.  Because the outcome of the recommendations will require major changes to the 1st Floor, the CIO and campus Architect recommend we hire a consultant who specializes in Library and Learning Commons design to assist with the planning.  The group completed the preliminary report and will reconvene once the consultant has been selected.

Group Recommendations:

  • Consolidate the Library Service Desks (Circulation, Greeter, Library Help and Reference Librarian Services) to a single service point near the front of the building
  • IT Student Help Desk to remain on the 1st floor in a separate location from the Library Services Desk.
  • Add a HUB satellite office and reserved HUB collaborative spaces on the 1st floor.
Space Improvements
  • Add collaborative spaces such as rectangular tables with chairs and other furniture based collaborative spaces to the 1st floor to increase group collaboration space.
  • Add lounge/comfortable furniture in front of the elevators and throughout the 1st floor as floor plan allows.
  • Maximize use of space and expand the new book area with lounge seating.
Furniture & Equipment
  • Add Document Assembly Counter space for students to assemble, collate and put together documents, booklets and pamphlets.
  • Add Print Only computers near the front of the building.  Rearrange printers and make them readily available and near the Print Only computers.
ADA Improvements
  • ADA door buttons for 1st floor restrooms, multimedia lab and a few collaborative rooms.
  • Wheelchair accessible SmartPrint release stations.
  • Relocate ADA computers near the IT Student Help Desk.
Additional Recommendations
  • Improve signage throughout the building
  • Add Group Study Room to other floors
  • Add mobile device charging stations on each floor
  • Add individual study carrels on other floors
  • Add art work (possibly student art)
  • Add designated cell phone areas
  • Add computers to lower-level
  • Expand cafe space, cafe hours and cafe menu
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