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Information Services

Instruction and Training

Services and Resources for Faculty at Santa Clara University

In support of the University’s strategic plan, Information Services provides a wide array of instruction and training services that are delivered in person (by an individual or a team), by phone, and through the world wide web; some of these services, such as virtual reference, are available 24 hours/day.

IS offers a wide-range of faculty services designed to support teaching, learning, and scholarship at SCU: 

For more information, contact: 

Mike Ballen, Instructional Technology Resource Specialist,
Michael Gilkison, Instructional Technology Resource Specialist,
Gloria Hofer, Instructional Technology Resource Specialist,

   For more information, contact: 

         Elizabeth McKeigue (, Assistant University Librarian for Public Services

For more information, contact:          

Teri Escobar-Ochoa, Technology Training Specialist,

We invite you to take advantage of the expertise offered by the IS staff to work with you to advance teaching, learning, and scholarship at SCU.

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