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JST iPad Pilot Project

Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012


The Technology Steering Committe funded the Jesuit School of Theology's proposal "Pilot Project: Integrating Technology into Ministerial Formation" to give iPads to the 1st year Master of Divinity class.  The twenty students will be using the iPads in their Bay Area immersion/pilgrimage experience.  Having iPads will allow students to easily record, reflect, and integrate their immersion trip experiences through the use of photos, movies, journals, and research, while on-site.  They can interview people they meet and minister to, and invite those people to tell their stories.  They could also use Facetime to connect with one another, across locations, during the immersion. They could even pray and conduct theological reflection together, across time and space.  Upon their return to JST, students can then share these experiences with others through the visual imagery they have produced.  With their iPads, they can then continue this work in their 2nd year field education experiences, and for the duration of their 3-year program.

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