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Santa Clara collects a variety of student and faculty self-reported data on activities, attitudes, satisfaction, and values as they relate to the mission of Santa Clara to 'educate citizens and leaders to build a more just, humane, and sustainable world.' These data support policy research, assessment and institutional planning and decision-making. All individually-identifiable data are confidential. 

Survey instruments are provided through the Survey Viewer tool for available years.  Additional information can be found through the Frequently Asked Questions.

These websites may contain confidential and privileged information that is for the sole use of employees of Santa Clara University. All reports published on these websites are for internal Santa Clara use only and not for general release or publication. These reports and data are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. As a user of this information, it is your responsibility to guard against unauthorized reporting of these data to ANYONE who is not an employee of Santa Clara University. Users of these reports assume all responsibility for appropriateness, legality, and copyright infringement of all data.
Contact the Office of Institutional Research prior to any citation or publication:  Access though Novell secure login constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  • iconThe HERI College Senior Survey

    A national, longitudinal survey designed to measure and assess graduating students' college experience, including: satisfaction with the college experience; student involvement; cognitive and affective development; student values, attitudes, and goals; degree aspirations and career plans.  Currently administered biennially to all Santa Clara graduating seniors.

  • iconThe HERI Faculty Survey

    Designed to measure Accreditation, Assessment, Institutional Improvement, and Faculty Development and how these items impact the overall student experience on campus.  The survey is offered on a triennial schedule, Santa Clara regularly participates.

  • iconThe CIRP Freshman Survey

    The CIRP Freshman Survey is the country’s best known and longest running student study and continues to provide Santa Clara with a method of collecting comparative data on their entering students for use in institutional decision-making, research, assessment, and accreditation.  Currently administered biennially to all incoming first-time Santa Clara students. 

  • iconThe NSSE Survey of Student Engagement

    The most comprehensive assessment of effective practice in higher education and includes data from approximately 400,000 randomly selected first-year and senior students at over 600 four-year college and universities in the U.S. and Canada.  Currently administered triennially to all Santa Clara first-year students and graduating seniors, most recently in spring 2015.  For selected results, see Posted results.


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