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Ignatian Student Leaders

by Michael Nuttall |

The Ignatian Center is pleased to announce the names of the Ignatian Student Leaders for the 2013-2014 academic year. Read more about the Arrupe Interns and Immersion Coordinators the wonderful student who serve in this roles.

Arrupe Interns

Celia Trujillo - InnVision Shelter Network: Julian Street Inn
Amia Nash - Young Life Capernaum
Kathryn Luna - Santa Clara Adult Education: Skills Plus
Vanessa Bell - Sacred Heart Community Service

Immersion Coordinators

Randy Cornelius - New Orleans
Gaby Quintanilla - BorderLinks
Melissa Crapps - Oakland
Aaron Griffith - Ecuador
Miguel de los Santos - Los Angeles
Libby Pettit -San Francisco  
Christine Cate - San Jose
Jesmin Ram - Navajo Nation
Jacquie Fahey - New Orleans
Carlos Martinez  - Appalachia

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