Briana Britton '13
Biology and Public Health Science double major

A Donovan Fellowship to an East San Jose health clinic motivates an aspiring doctor

By the time Briana Britton ’13 leaves Santa Clara University for medical school, she’ll already know her way around a hospital. As a sophomore she received a Donovan Fellowship through the Ignatian Center to work in the OB-GYN department of CompreCare Health Clinic in East San Jose. Later, she rotated through departments at O’Connor Hospital with an Applied Ethics Program offered by the Markkula Center.

These two experiences offered a glimpse at the spectrum of healthcare, from a hospital to a health clinic in a struggling neighborhood. When Britton reflects on this, her “favorite experience in medicine has remained through my Donovan Fellowship.”

It was through the fellowship that her focus in medicine became more and more clear. Britton is conversational in Spanish and also studied abroad in Spain. When she thinks about how she can use her talents to make a difference, she recalls her time at the health clinic.

There she took away “a new outlook on the social disparities of the communities surrounding Santa Clara, a new appreciation for the opportunities I have been afforded and how I can share what I've gained from such experiences.”

As for her future, she would like to become an OB-GYN and wants to continue the work from her fellowship—providing healthcare in a Bay Area community that needs it the most.

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