Talia Bender

We walked down a rocky, slippery steep path with the only light coming from the moon, stars, blinking fireflies and the lightening that thundered across the sky as the rain poured down,  soaking me to the very core. As I walked down the slippery path, with immense foliage on each side of me and rain blurring my vision I felt so amazingly refreshed. Here I was at the base of a  volcano surrounded by so much beauty--I had never felt so alive! But the beauty of the countryside of El Salvador was no match for the beauty of its people. They genuinely opened their  hearts, shared their lives, laughed with us and accepted us without judgment. I witnessed their struggles and impoverished standards of living, but more importantly they taught me about love,  strength, family and faith. I left a piece of my heart in that remarkable place and I carry those memories as a daily reminder of how to live my life each day.

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