Jennifer Mock

The immersion trip to West Virginia focused on learning about the environmental, social and economic issues that affect the Appalachian population and perpetuate its state of rural poverty. We were challenged to immerse in Appalachian culture and in the process grew as conscious individuals learning a compassion for the people of West Virginia. Our group learned about the coal industry, hiked around the mountains, met people living in the surrounding area, worked on projects around local farms, and reflected on our own lifestyles and how we could bring back what we learned to Santa Clara. Before I went on the trip, the extent of my knowledge of West Virginia was its status as an economically poor region in the Appalachian Mountains. The immersion trip was an amazing opportunity to increase my knowledge of the area and hear personal stories about living in the Appalachians. We were inspired and touched by the kindness and generosity of the people we met, and it's something we will never forget.

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