During each academic break, the Ignatian Center sponsors experiences ranging from 5 to 10 days in which students, faculty, staff, and alumni immerse themselves into domestic and international communities that have little access to wealth, power, and privilege. Read More

Winter Break Immersions

Puebla, MX 2014 - 312
The Ignatian Center is excited to offer winter break  immersion opportunities to San Francisco, New Orleans, Navajo Nation, the Arizona Border and Puebla, Mexico. The application deadline for these immersions is Wednesday, October 7th @ 3:00pm.

Summer Groups Return


In summer of 2015 groups traveled to India, the Philippines, Ecuador and El Salvador. Click here to hear Josh Gibbons, participant on the India immersion, share his reflections on the group's visit to a residential clinic for patients with Hansen's Disease (also known as Leprosy).


 Helpful Resources

The SCU Men's Running team took a team immersion to Tuba City, Arizona and documented their experience.