Arrupe Weekly Engagement


Personal Vehicle

You may drive your own vehicle to your Arrupe placement. We will provide you with a map and driving instructions.


Students who are participating in the Arrupe Weekly Engagment program and are enrolled in a course that requires community-based learning (CBL) or is approved for the ELSJ requirement are eligible to apply for Zipcar membership as CBL Affiliates. The CBL affiliates receive 16 hours of free Zipcar use. Click here to learn more about the CBL affiliate Zipcar membership.


Many Arrupe placements have several students participating at the same time. And some placements are located in close proximity to each other. Please check the sign up binder to see if another student is going to your placement or one nearby at the same time as you. Contact that student directly to see about sharing a ride.

Public Transportation - VTA

Some Arrupe placements are easily accessible via public transportation. To learn more, visit the VTA link on the university transportation website.


Some Arrupe placements are easily accessible by bike. You may ride your own bike or request to use an Arrupe bike, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students interested in using an Arrupe bike must sign up for a bike fitting and safety check with an Ignatian Center staff member. Please contact the Ignatian Center to check on availability and to schedule a fitting and safety check (508) 554-6917. Also, read these guidelines. You’ll be asked to sign a copy as part of the bike fitting and safety check.


A limited number of placements are within walking distance of campus.